PUPPA stands for Premium UP-cycled and Patchwork Apparels.
We are a young fashion company focused on saving the environment with upcycled fashion.

Clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world.
But we know fashion doesn’t have to be bad for our environment thus we give new life to existing unused materials and new job opportunity to seamstresses who create incredible fashion designs.

It is very worrying that traditional manufacturers in the mainstream fashion industry create on average 15 percent of leftovers en route to production as well as tons and tons of toxic waste. With this in mind we developed our production process in a way where their leftovers become our resources. Following the principles of upcycling we therefore turn leftovers into valuable products and give them new life cycle as well as reducing water use, CO2 emissions and energy usage.

All our clothes are designed and handcrafted by experienced and highly skilled seamstresses in Slovenia, EU. We hand-make high quality limited edition, one-offs and made to order women’s clothing without hurting the environment.

Our Vision is to prove that sustainable doesn't have to be off the fashion wagon. Therefore help protect the environment by buying stunning sustainable clothes.
Be sustainable with Puppa!



Upcycling is a process that brings leftover materials and deadstock clothes back into the production cycle and thru design make it better than the original.

Using leftovers and deadstock clothes as an input material is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce clothes. We are inspired by the design limitations of upcycling. The colours and textures in leftover fabric are unpredictable hence we must be very innovative with our designs.

We believe that upcycling can transform the textile and fashion industry as it saves resources and provides many environmental benefits. Therefore we are dedicated to educating worldwide community about the possibilities and advantages of upcycling - taking someones waste and transforming it into something beautiful and valuable.

Along with upcycling we also developed Zero waste production process, which enables us to use all of the material, so that no material leftovers are going to waste.

We firmly believe that our system is showing the solution to the problem of textile leftovers and deadstock by making the most of all materials, creating additional environmentally responsible products, reducing waste handling costs, and saving water and energy.

For us, waste does not exist. One company's waste represents our resources. Whole concept of Puppa clothing line is all about upcycling and zero waste production.


Textile industry in our region has been a big part of our history until major downsizing in 2009. Therefore we have huge potential of textile knowledge and highly skilled people in our region.

Our company values our educated and highly skilled professionals
- with a fair salary
- with stimulating and balanced working environment
- by offering a chance to use their creativity and knowledge

We also participate in country programs
- to stimulate local economy
- to contribute to the community
- to preserve textile tradition in the Slovenian Pomurje region