Terms and Conditions of Puppa Fashion


All contents published at web pages puppa-fashion.com and all their versions (hereinafter referred as: puppa-fashion.com) are the property of Puppa Design d.o.o., Plese 2, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia (hereinafter referred as: Puppa Design d.o.o.). By using the web pages of puppa-fashion.com, users accept the published general terms and conditions of business. With these general terms and conditions Puppa Design d.o.o. and its users also arrange the mutual obligations of purchasing in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop. General terms and conditions are composed in accordance with the valid Slovene legislation.
Puppa Design d.o.o. reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at the web pages puppa-fashion.com at any time without prior notice. All changes of general terms and conditions are obligatory for all users.

Puppa Design d.o.o. does not take the responsibility for eventual consequences which may occur when using web pages puppa-fashion.com and the contents included in it. Puppa Design d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content of web pages at any time without prior notice and does not take the responsibility for eventual consequences of these changes.
Puppa Design d.o.o. strives to introduce as most punctual and up-to-date information as possible, but does not exclude eventual inaccuracy of information as far as the prices, delivery time, product descriptions etc. are concerned, and cannot be held responsible for any eventual damages or other consequences. Buyer of goods, purchased in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop, has the right to return or to reclamation. Photographs of products may not represent their actual state (color, materials etc.).

The visitors can use the contents of web pages puppa-fashion.com solely for personal and non-commercial purposes. The contents are protected by the law of copyright. Any other use, copying, publication and distribution of the web contents or their individual parts without the permission given by Puppa Design d.o.o. is prohibited.

In the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop you can sign up as a registered user. The contents of the on-line shop are also accessible to non-registered users. In the registration procedure the registered users submit the required data. Every registered user gets one's own username and a password which is confidential. The user is obliged to ensure that his username and password will be managed solely by himself or by a person authorized by him. Every user is independently responsible for contents which are entered by him at the web pages puppa-fashion.com.

The final buyer in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop is solely the registered user who buys goods for personal use.

The data which is submitted by the user via forms found at the web pages puppa-fashion.com or via any other way (by e-mail, telephone etc.) are confidential and are treated in concordance with the valid Slovene legislation. Puppa Design d.o.o. will protect the personal data and prevent their misuse. The personal data will be used only for the purposes approved by the user.
The user himself is also responsible for the safety of personal data by making sure that his username and password are safe.

For transmissions of all personal data of the user Puppa Design d.o.o. uses the technology SSL which enables the encoding of all information sent with the orders.
When using the charge card as the way of payment, the data entered is sent from your computer in a coded form directly to the authorization server of the bank.

On the web page puppa-fashion.com it is possible to purchase products presented in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop.
The order in puppa-fashion.com on-line shop is submitted when the user receives an automatic electronic notification.
In case of the product ordered being out of stock or the order being impossible to perform because of some other reason, the user will again be notified by e-mail.
The confirmed orders at puppa-fashion.com will be treated by Puppa Design d.o.o. as irrevocable. In case of a mistake, a buyer can cancel the order without any additional costs until he receives an e-notification about the confirmation of the order. However, the order can be rejected by Puppa Design d.o.o. if it suspects that the misuse of web pages puppa-fashion.com might have occurred.
With the execution of the order, the buyer confirms that he was introduced to general terms and conditions and that he was warned about it explicitly.


6.1 WITHDRAWAL FROM CONTRACT by written notification

The buyer has the right to, within 14 days, notify the company Puppa Design d.o.o. in written form, that they are withdrawing from contract, onto the e-mail address info@puppa-fashion.com. The fourteen day deadline for the withdrawal from contract begins on the day after the day of receipt / delivery of the ordered goods.
In the electronic notification on the withdrawal from contract, you must unambiguously state the decision to withdraw from contract (along with your name and the date of submitted order).


If the buyer has already received the goods and withdraws from contract, they must, without undue delay but at the latest within 14 days, return the goods to the company after the submitted written notification from Paragraph 6.1. Refund of the received payments will be carried out by the company immediately or at the latest within 14 days upon receiving the notification on contract withdrawal, by the same means of payment, as was used by the consumer. The consumer may explicitly demand the use of another method of payment on the return form.

The goods that you wish to return must obligatorily be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and the filled out return form, which we will send you to your email address.

Upon return, the products must be unused, undamaged, unchanged in quantity and in their original packaging. 

Goods with a copy of the invoice and the form must be sent within 14 days of the submission of the notification to the company Puppa Design d.o.o. .  
Address for return by mail:
Puppa Design d.o.o., Plese 2, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

The costs of the return are paid by the customer. 


Because we pride ourselves on getting things done properly we are 100% confident about the quality of Puppa clothes and accessories.
This is the reason why we offer you longer 28 day period where you can try out our clothes and accessories.

If you are, for any reason, not happy with your ordered Puppa clothes or accessories you have the right to return goods in original and undamaged state within 28 days of your purchase. In this case please contact us on e-mail info@puppa-fashion.com and we will either provide you a replacement, give you store credit or give you full refund.

Our clothes and accessories are made with highest possible care and we genuinely stand behind the quality and satisfaction we offer to our valued customers.

Before returning goods, you must fill in the form for return/reclamation which you will receive on e-mail from us. Returned goods must be undamaged and sent to the following addres:

Puppa Design d.o.o., Plese 2, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
The costs of the return are paid by the customer.

If you choose refund for your returned goods, Puppa Design d.o.o. will return the entire purchase price within 10 days of the receipt of returned goods.

Puppa Design d.o.o. is responsible for material defects of bought products in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop for 2 years after the day of receipt / delivery of the ordered good.
The buyer notifies the seller of the complaint to the e-mail info@puppa-fashion.com. The buyer must describe the defect more specifically in the notification and provide the possibility for the seller to review the item. The buyer fills in the form for return/reclamation which he will receive on e-mail from Puppa Design d.o.o.. When the form is fulfilled, he attaches it to the goods. He also attaches the original bill. Within 8 working days after the buyer's written notification Puppa Design d.o.o. will confirm the receipt of the reclamation and inform the buyer of the course of the reclamation procedure.

All prices are in Euros (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT).
When making a purchase, the valid prices and discounts are those at the moment of order submittal.
Prices in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop are valid till new rates are published.
The time of validity of a special offer in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop is listed at the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop.
Listed prices apply only for purchases in the puppa-fashion.com on-line shop.


Puppa Fashion on-line shop offers two payment options:

- payment with charge cards (MasterCard and Visa)

- payment via PayPal

All payments are processed thru the system of secure on-line payment operated by Ingenico (Ogone).
Until the entire payment price is paid, the products chosen are the property of Puppa Design d.o.o..


Puppa Fashion offers free worldwide shipping.

Delivery is carried out by the GLS, DPD and the Post of Slovenia.

Upon shippment of the purchased items, we will send tracking code to customers email.

Delivery time of goods is 3 to 10 working days.
Puppa Design d.o.o. does not take the responsibility for eventual delays of the delivery service.