About Puppa

Puppa Design d.o.o. is a young low key fashion company that makes stunning fashion statements while being sustainable.

We are committed to high quality handcrafted apparels along with concern for the environmentally friendly production and Social impact.

Our Vision is to prove that sustainable doesn't have to be off the fashion wagon!

All our apparels are designed and handcrafted by experienced and highly skilled seamstresses in Slovenia, EU. Our apparels are created after received order and in limited editions.

Every woman is unique and should have clothes that highlight her personality. Wear our apparels with pride and confidence as they are handcrafted especially for you!


Zero waste Strategy and Upcycling

Fashion industry is the second largest consumer and polluter of water and furthermore unsold clothes (deadstock) are mostly dumped into landfills. Currently textile waste represents the biggest growing waste in the EU. With this concerning fact in mind, we decided that all our apparels will be created in sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

We developed production process based on Upcycling where we use only pre-existing materials (rescued deadstock). By doing so, we are protecting the Nature as we do not contribute to water consumption and water pollution.

Along with upcycling we also developed Zero waste production process, which enables us to use all of the material, so that no material leftovers are going to waste.


Textile industry in our region has been a big part of our history until major downsizing in 2009. Therefore we have huge potential of textile knowledge and highly skilled people in our region.

Our company values our educated and highly skilled professionals
- with a fair salary
- with stimulating and balanced working environment
- by offering a chance to use their creativity and knowledge

We also participate in country programs
- to stimulate local economy
- to contribute to the community
- to preserve textile tradition in the Slovenian Pomurje region